Page Templates

BigBox includes a variety of Page Templates to adjust the layout of the page they are assigned to.


The Shop page template is a cornerstone of BigBox and provides immense power for creating unique store layouts.

Assigning the Shop page template to a page automatically generates a new Shop widget area that is unique to that page. If no custom widgets are assigned the page will load the global shop widget area.

Products added to this page via a WooCommerce product block or shortcode will be controlled by the widgets added to this page.


The Minimal page templates allows a simplified layout to be used that is great for presenting content that needs to be focused on. These templates are automatically applied to WooCommerce login, cart, and checkout pages, but can be applied to any custom page as well.


The Narrow page template keeps the rest of the page elements but adjusts the main content area to be slightly thinner than a standard page.